Material: Brass and Copper

Sold separately: Priced separately:

Hook  11cm L

Towel  ring holder  17cm diameter x 7cm Deep

Tissue holder

Soap basket   14cm W x 18cm Deep

Soap dish  12m L x 14cm W

Towel rack  62cm W x 28cm Deep x 10cm H

Single towel bar  62cm W x 7cm Deep

Double towel bar   62cm W x 14cm Deep

Toothbrush holder  19cm W x 15cm H x 10cm Deep

Toilet brush holder  72cm L x 11cm Deep

Corner shelf  38cm H x 21cm Deep

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Antique Bronze Brass Carved Bathroom Accessories Set Bathroom Products Solid Bra

SKU: Tuqiu YS-BA87300

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