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Friendly Reminder

1. This bedding set of four contains one quilt cover, one bedclothes and two pillowcases.(The bedding set of six has two more cushion cases besides the bedding sets of four contents.)

2. The printings on the pillowcases may be dissimilar with in kind images, This is caused by different fabric cutting lines. The color is possible to be deviated as the lights and displayers vary, however, in kind prevail.


Washing Instructions

1. To get rid of the starch, the suface dyeing or the abundant fluff, the set is recommended washing before usage. The washing could also make the set softer and color fastened.

2. Pour neutral detergent into the washing machine water, the water temperature shall be no higher than 30 Celsius degree. Put the bedding staff after the detergent is fully dissolved. The steeping time shall not be too long. High temperature,alkaline detergent and deficient dissolution may result in color fading.

3. Hang dry. No exposure to blazing sun, or the fabric structure will be damaged and the longevity will be shorted.

Western pastoral bedding set adult teen,full queen king cotton 60s vintage plant

SKU: MFY181005